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Having the child-like passion in us, we love to experiment on all things. For example on materials, new ideas, conventional or unconventional methods of constructions etc. Most of the items here are all handmade product. Of course we picked only the best ones to sell as we are trying to raise some fund in order to support and improve our blog. :)

Most of our items are all mainly handmade. But if there is a potential/high demands on the product, we will consider out sourcing it. For now, every look on each piece will differ slightly comparing to each another because it is all purely handcrafted. Which also means the piece that could potentially be in your hands now is going to be the one and only in the world. ;)

Do drop us comments or email to streepicksdesign@gmail.com if you think there is/are any improvements needed upon us. We will be grateful to receive any feedback from you guys. Please stay tune for more updates on our blog and store. 

- Pickers


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